Boric Acid Powder 25kg

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Boric Acid Powder 25kg

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PPEC is proud to offer 99.9% Boric Acid Powder 25kg at best online prices.PPEC provide great discount on bulk and wholesale orders.
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  • Our Boric Acid powder is 99.9% pure and is available in white powder form.
  • Boric Acid scientifically is called as as hydrogen borate, boracic acid, orthoboric acid and acidum boricum.
  • Product Name: Boric Acid Powder
  • Chemical Formula: H3BO3 (sometimes written B(OH)3)
  • Storage: Keep dry, stable at room temperature.
  • Normal Physical appearance and state: Crystalline powder form
  • All products are packed in a labelled high quality packing.
  • Posted or shipped on the day of purchase.
  • You are welcome to inspect and collect at our premises.


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