Caffeine 5kg £45 Per Kilo

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Caffeine 5kg £45 Per Kilo

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Caffeine actively causes you to feel more alert both physically and mentally. This is caused by inhibiting the effects of Adenosine which is responsible for inducing sleep. Adenosine has a relaxing effect on the body which Caffeine blocks out. Alongside its stimulant properties caffeine also reaches deep into the muscle cell providing long lasting power and delays muscle fatigue. Caffeine has also been recognised as a metabolism booster and causing increased energy levels. Research also suggests that Caffeine has been shown to increase the utilisation of fat for energy, especially during endurance activity. Caffeine is used in the vast majority of pre workout supplements due to its effective stimulant and fat oxidant properties.

Caffeine Key Benefits

  1.     Powerful Stimulant.
  2.     Increases Fat Oxidation.
  3.     Increases focus and concentration.
  4.     Reduce rate of perceived exhaustion.
  5.     Reduces delayed onset of muscle soreness.                                                                               


Safety Information:

Caffeine powder can be dissolved in to any drink of your choice, and consumed orally. DO NOT EXCEED 200mg at any one dose, and DO NOT EXCEED 800mg in a 24hr period. This product is not intended to help, prevent, or cure any disease or illnesses. Consult your GP before using this product. DO NOT EXCEED the recommended dosage.



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