Taurine 25kg

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Taurine 25kg

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Taurine is a "conditional essential amino acid" that is produced naturally

by the body for most people but for others can only be provided by

supplements and food. Taurine can be found in foods such as meat, dairy

products and fish. Many energy drinks also contain taurine. Taurine is found

in high concentrations in white blood cells, skeletal muscles, central

nervous systems and in the muscles of the heart. After L-Glutamine Taurine

is the second most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue.


Taurine helps build up muscle contractility within the heart and joints

resulting in more efficient and powerful workouts. Preventing catabolism and

increases muscular strength and reduces fatigue. This is done by helping to

remove the build-up of lactic acid, increasing endurance and helping cause

longer work outs. Research also suggests that taurine supplementation can

help with fat loss and prevent obesity. This is due to the fact that Taurine

has the ability to significantly lower lipid levels in the bloodstream which

helps improve the body's ability to cope with excessive glucose in the



Taurine also has the ability to act as an insulin mimicker, transporting

nutrients, amino acids and glucose into the muscle cells. In a similar way

to Creatine, Taurine can also draw water into your cells and become a very

effective cell volumiser, Taurine can help hydrate the muscle cells which

triggers increased protein synthesis and reduced protein breakdown, causing

an increase in muscle mass and strength. Additional nutrients that are drawn

into the muscles can aid recovery and growth.


Taurine can also act as a inhibitory neurotransmitter that can calm the

brain and nervous system, helping to benefit athletes that suffer from

anxiety and stress. Taurine can also be beneficial in helping to improve the

quality of sleep and improve focus.


Taurine is also an inhibitory neurotransmitter that has the ability to calm

the brain and nervous system this can benefit for athletes who suffer from,

anxiety and stress. Taurine also has the ability to improve the quality of

sleep and improve focus.  


Taurine Key Benefits


1.     Can improve force production.

2.     Reduces buildup of lactic acid.

3.     Aids protein synthesis.

4.     Cell volumiser.


Suggested Use
Add 2g to 100-150ml of water or fruit juice. Shake and consume immediately.

We recommend taking twice daily:-

Approximately 30 minutes before training and at a similar time or

non-training days.

Can be taken another 30 minutes before sleep as it works well as a





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